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Valerie Moody

Valerie Moody

The Feasts of Adonai

Why Christians should look at the Biblical Feasts

God is a God of celebration! He wants His creation to celebrate continually with Him. The Book of Leviticus explains God's seven festivals (Leviticus 23, verses 14, 21, & 41). Each festival is a prophetic picture. World-changing events occurred on four of God's Biblical feast days. He will change the world again on the remaining feast days. The prophetically unfulfilled feasts will occur in the seventh millennium of man. To understand future end-time events, we must understand the unfulfilled feasts.

The Feasts of Adonai: Why Christians Should Look at the Biblical Feasts is the most comprehensive feast book on the market, yet is the easiest to understand. It covers all 22 festivals, God's seven major feast days, and the additional fifteen Feasts of the People. It also looks at the New Moon celebration, spoken of in Isaiah 66:23, and the Sabbath Day. It explains the Megillah, Hallel, and Gematria, and features menus and recipes for every holiday.

Readers Say:

"This is the best book I have ever read. It puts all of the information about the Feasts that I need in the order that I need it. It is inspired and life-changing."
- Betty in Texas

"This is the best feast book I have ever read, and I've got every feast book out there!"
- Kathy in Arizona

"Very detailed, yet easy to understand!"
- Larry in San Antonio

The Feasts of Adonai: Why Christians Should Look at the Biblical Feasts

Published in 2002
162 pages

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